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The King Air Book – Volume II

e-Book by Tom Clements



Available in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  To purchase from within other countries email info@kingairacademy.com or call 1-602-551-8100.

About the author

Since 1972, Tom Clements’ career has concentrated on a unique niche: The Beechcraft King Air series of turboprop twins.  Starting as a flight and ground school instructor at the Beechcraft Training Center in Wichita.  Tom advanced to become the head of that institution three years later, overseeing the factory’s pilot and maintenance training.

While at the Training Center, Tom authored numerous system descriptions, simplified schematics, and other documentation that were incorporated into the Beechcraft curriculum.  He always enjoyed writing – English was his collage minor while Mechanical Engineering was the major! – and he found the creation of easy-to-understand technical material for pilot training to be very satisfying.

Leaving Wichita to return to California where he had served his Naval tour of duty, he formed his own training company in 1979 to provide high-quality, on-site, ground and flight training for operators of Beechcraft Dukes and King Airs.  Flight Review Inc. moved its headquarters to Arizona in 1987 where Tom still resides most of the year.  He is now fulfilling the honorary role of Director of Training for the King Air Academy in Phoenix.

Tom has had a long-term sideline in writing technical articles about flying in general and King Airs in particular for some aviation magazines.  The Volume II of the King Air Book is a compilation of some ninety articles he has written since 2011 for the “Ask the Expert” column in King Air magazine.

Pilots and/or owners of any King Air will find these stories educational, insightful, and enjoyable.


Product Details

  • REQUIRED SOFTWARE – Adobe Reader (recommended) or Other PDF Reader
  • SUPPORTED DEVICES – All devices and operating systems supported by Adobe Reader or reader of your choice
  • LANGUAGE – English
  • FEATURES – Hyperlinked Table of Contents and keyword searchable
  • PRINTABLE – Yes (single copy personal use only)
  • ISBN – 9780-359-75450-2
  • PUBLISHED BY – Flight Review, Inc.
  • PUBLISHED – December 2019
  • COPYRIGHT – Tom Clements

What’s inside

  Part 1 – Engine and Propeller

  Part 2 – Flaps, Landing Gear, Brakes

  Part 3 – Ice Protection

  Part 4 – Autopilot and Yaw Damper

  Part 5 – Electrical

  Part 6 – Cabin Air Circulation

  Part 7 – Pressurization

  Part 8 – Heati

  Part 9 – Flying Techniques and Procedures

  Part 10 – Fuel Systems

  Part 11 – King Air History

  Part 12 – Pitot-Static System

  Part 13 – Flight Control Rigging

  Part 14 – War Stories

  Part 15 – Oceanic Ferrying

  Part 16 – Miscellaneous Ramblings


I wrote The King Air Book ten years ago and have been pleased to see nearly 5,000 copies printed since then. It has given me great satisfaction to receive the compliments that have been forthcoming from its readers. Although I am always quick to state that the book can never replace the Pilot’s Operating Handbook nor the professional training material that the new King Air pilot receives, nevertheless I believe that the book is an excellent addition and resource that widens the pilot’s knowledge base significantly.

The first book was primarily a compilation of magazine articles that I had written over an eleven-year period for Twin & Turbine and Affiliated Aircraft Operators’ Group. In January of 2011 my first article for King Air Magazine was published and I have continued writing for that magazine ever since. This magazine, edited by Kim Blonigen, was initially published six times per year, then it went to nine issues annually in 2013, and finally it became a true monthly magazine in 2014. My workload keeps increasing!

I continue to enjoy writing about flying in general and the King Air specifically. Based on the feedback received, I believe the articles are still appreciated and help to broaden the readers’ knowledge in an enjoyable manner. These King Air Magazine articles are the basis for Volume II.

In addition to writing the monthly articles, I also find pleasure in offering input on the BeechTalk internet forum. This fun and informative website, managed by the very capable “Jeffs” – Jeff Carneal and Jeff Snyder – has proven to be an absolute goldmine of shared information from operators and lovers of all Beech airplanes. The Turbine section is where I spend most of my time at BeechTalk (BT). If you have not already subscribed to this forum please do so. You will find it very enlightening. Use the Search function to quickly find the topics of interest.

I debated with myself about how much of my forum writings should be included in this book. I concluded that readers could always go straight to BeechTalk and find whatever interests them there. Thus, the direct quotes from my input on that forum are not presented here but I strongly encourage you to become a regular reader of that forum, giving special attention to the newly-posted Turbine section threads.

You will find two differences between the first book and this Volume II. First, instead of making each section of the book a separate article, usually placed in the chronological order in which it was written, this book is organized based on general topics. These include titles such as Engine and Propeller, Electrical, Pressurization, Operating Techniques, and many others.

The second difference – Got your seatbelt on? – is that you are going to see a few pictures and illustrations. The first book had almost none of these. As a writer, I am more experienced in presenting “Word Pictures” and believe that quite satisfactory communication can take place using the written word alone but I realize and accept that the judicial use of illustrations can enhance comprehension – and enjoyment – to a measurable degree. No, it is certainly not a “picture book” in any sense of the word but you are going to find at least some illustrations and pictures along the way.

Because ten-year’s worth of articles unavoidably contain duplication, I have edited some of the original article’s content here. In some cases an article may be presented exactly as it appeared in the magazine. In other cases, it will be edited as needed to avoid unnecessary duplication but duplication of some important material is unavoidable and enhances knowledge transfer.

Thank you for reading Volume II. As always, I send you my best wishes for safe and happy flying!

Tom Clements